Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22nd Training Run

This was my first run since December 11th.  I ran the same distance of 6.2 miles in exactly 50:00 minutes.

Stats: Avg HR: 176, In zone (120-180): 31:03, Above zone: 14:24, Below zone: 4:33, Calories burned: 685

I only had a bit of lower back pain.  So, as my fitness gets worse my back gets better!  I don't know if I can keep up such a rigorous training plan.  I do know that it's not helping my chances of finishing the Museum of Aviation Marathon in January in my hoped for time of 3:20:00 or finishing the Charles Harris10K in February in less than 40:00 minutes and qualifying for a place in the first wave of the Gate River Run 15K in Jacksonville, Florida in March.

The weather was mostly cloudy and a balmy 60 degrees.