Monday, December 6, 2010

My Tri Bike Fitting

I had my bike fitting in July. Before my fitting when I heard anyone say that getting a proper bike fit was more important that the actual bike manufacturer I could hardly imagine the actual process.  So, here's a brief write-up.

I had my fitting and purchased my bike from All3Sports in Dunwoody, Georgia.  They use the EXiT and RETUL fitting systems as shown in the images. The EXiT system has adjustable components and the RETUL system captures "dynamic pedaling action". The whole fit process takes less than 2 hours. Don't forget to bring your shoes, shorts, and a sleeveless shirt.  Here are a few images from my fitting.

The system is basically includes all the contact points that my tri-bike has with a wide range of adjustability to accommodate almost any rider.

The system includes sensors that input data to indentify the alignment of your body and optimum pedal stroke.

Notice the line of awesome rides to my right!

Matt makes some adjustments to the jig.

The fitting area.

An image of the fitting data.  All3sports e-mailed me a copy of my fitting for my records.