Friday, December 24, 2010

This must be a trend

This must be a trend because I've run twice in one week.  My back is feeling better so I'm happy about that.  After the family stuff was done today I decided to go for a run.  By the time I hit the pavement it was about 6:30PM.  The sun had gone down and it was pretty dark.  I donned my bright yellow Descente Velom Jacket, Nathan LED vest, and Petzl XP2 headlight.  I even wore, for the first time, a new pair of Yankz reflective shoe laces.  I was off!  I ran with the headlight on high.  I only use the vent LED's when a vehicle was coming, otherwise they're off.

I ran the same distance as my previous 2 runs, 6.2 miles.  My finish time improved at 45:36 minutes.

Stats: Avg HR: 176, In zone (120-180): 35:49, Above zone: 9:22, Below zone: 0:25, Calories burned: 684

The weather was clear and a cool 48 degrees.