Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Race for Riley - Race Summary

Well, the 2011 Race for Riley in Chattahoochee Hill, GA is in the books!  My 2011 Ironman Florida buddies, Chip and Richard, and I ran the 5K and rode the majority of the 65 mile (or 60 mile) bike course.  Susan and a friend rode the 13 mile course.  I heard it was hilly.  We were a bit confused about the long course but it was a beautiful day so we weren't very concerned.  A wrench got thrown into our riding plans after we'd ridden 40+ miles and turned back onto Hutcheson Ferry Road.  This is where our ride started.  As we turned we saw a sign the read "Serenbe 3 miles".  A mile further down the road we saw a course marker that directed us to turn right and away from Serenbe.  Our ride just went from 2 to 20 miles more to go!  Chip, Richard and I rode a few miles on the marked route until hunger got the best of us.  We turned around and headed back for the BBQ.  We got there just in time before they closed up shop.

Water stations on the bike were well stocked with water and bananas.  The second station also had cookies and donut holes.

While we rode the long course, Susan collected my masters plaque for the 5K foot race.  She also happened to acquire a set of glass mushrooms from one of the artsy shops in Serenbe. 

Overall, it was a good race, a good day and benefits a great charity.  You can't beat that!

I'll post pictures as soon as I can.