Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looking for a New Road Bike

I got the go ahead to purchase a new road bike from my loving wife the other day.  I recorded the verbal authorization on my cell phone so she couldn't deny it later.  I guess she felt the need to reciprocate after I fixed her broken down wheelbarrow for Valentine's Day.  That's understandable since it's a really nice wheelbarrow.  In just one more year it could qualify for an antique vehicle tag, if wheelbarrows required tags of course.

That's Me Demonstrating Susan's Refurbished Wheelbarrow

Yes, those are brand new washers.  Susan wouldn't demo her wheelbarrow for the camera so it was up to me - to strike a pose.  After I put air in the flat tire it was almost as good as new.  She's gonna really appreciate the enhancements when she hauls that pile of mulch to the backyard.  It's all part of her training plan.  I am Susan's Mr. Miyagi.  Wax on... wax off.  Wax on... wax off - baby!

Back to my bike.  Susan hasn't gone totally insane, she set a maximum amount that I could spend.  So, I'm looking for something like a 2011, Litespeed C1, Specialized SL3, or Trek Madone 5.2.  The Litespeed is my top pick because it just looks awesome.  I hope I can pick-up one of these for a reasonable price.  Although I'd love to get Dura-Ace or SRAM Red components I'm thinking that Shimano Ultegra or SRAM Force is a more likely option.

2011 Litespeed C1 (Shown w/SRAM Force)
2011 Specialized SL3 (Shown w/Shimano Ultegra)
2011 Trek Madone 5.2 (Shown w/Shimano Ultegra)
These are all really nice bikes and I'm sure that I would be happy with any of them.  Ultimately however, I may not end up with any of these, but I'm hopeful.  I know the guys I ride with will be glad to see me on something other than my Tri bike.

So, why the sudden desire for a road bike?  I want to do some road races, of course. 

Thanks for reading!