Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gore Bike Gear Xenon Jacket

I got a new bike jacket the other day.  The garment tag says it's a Gore Bike Gear Xenon AS (Active Shell) jacket.  It's a windbreaker.  I have two other similar jackets.  None of them are lined.  This new jacket is the only one I own that fits me correctly for road bike riding.  My Canari and Descente jackets which I included in a past blog - My Winter Safety Gear are loose fitting and work better for running or mountain biking than high speed road biking.

The Gore Xenon is, to me, very stylish and seems to be well constructed. The material is thin and the only area that has two layers are the sleeves.  There is the outer wind barrier layer and an inner mesh material.

I found the jacket on  It was the first item I've purchased from them since they used to send me paper catalogs back in the late 1980's.  I have a really hard time finding clothes that fit so when I saw that they had my size I ordered it.  The jacket is described on their website as follows:

"GORE BIKE WEAR Xenon AS Jacket There are chilly days ahead, but that doesn't have to 
keep you from riding. A lightweight, packable cycling jacket is the perfect solution for those 
transitional temperatures. This Windstopper jacket blocks the chilly drafts and breezes while 
you're on the bike, but still breathes well so you stay dry. It's got pre-shaped sleeves, a high 
collar and low tail that are ideal for a cyclist's posture. Adjustable cuffs, elastic hem, stretch 
inserts. Full length zipper lets you customize ventilation as you get moving. Rear zip pocket
 for easy gear storage, also serves as stuff pouch for the jacket once things heat up."

The jacket was on sale and I paid $79.99 plus taxes and shipping which put my total cost at just over $96.  The Nashbar website said the MSRP is $199.99.  The garment tag says the jacket was made in Turkey.  I find it hard to believe that anyone would pay over $200 (adding tax and shipping) for a windbreaker.
The front of the jacket
The rear of the jacket with reflective striping and pocket
Velrco sleeve cuff closures
The mesh material inside the back pocket
The mesh layer shown with the sleeve inside out
First ride
I had the opportunity to wear my jacket for the first time on Wednesday night.  After the ride I took the above picture.  The temperature was probably in the mid-50 degrees Fahrenheit.  I wore a long sleeve Under Armour shirt under the jacket.  That was about as minimalist as I go.  Note the full finger gloves and you can't see them but I'm wearing leg warmers.

Overall, I think I'll really like the jacket for those rides where the temperature is 60-degrees or higher or maybe a rainy summer day.  It would be wholly inadequate for anything below 50-degrees.  I like it though so I'm sure I'll wear it a lot until it gets warmer.

On a side note, when riding after dark with a bike light on it's easy to see all the trash being thrown up from the tire of the rider in front of you.  I've gotta get some clear lens glasses for night riding. Maybe I should ride in the front more often.

Thanks for reading.