Sunday, February 24, 2013

Women on Wheels Ride

Sunday's weather was awesome with sunny skies and a high temperature close to 70-degrees.  I knew that Susan and I would be riding I just didn't know when and where, and with whom.

I figured that Facebook would be all abuzz about the warm weather and scores of impromptu rides popping up all over the place.  It wasn't!  Susan saw that the Women on Wheels - McDonough group was leaderless.  They've been having afternoon rides for the past few weekends, weather permitting.  Susan asked me if I would lead the girls and I said yes.  Knowing that they had planned a 16 mile ride at a slightly slower pace than I'm used to I struck out on my own before meeting up with the WOW girls.  I had 20-miles on the computer as I pulled into the McDonough Trek shop parking lot.  Susan was already there waiting, having driven there.  Soon after several other ladies had arrived.  We were a group of five riders.

The ride went well.  The traffic was a bit heavy on the main roads but I suppose that can be attributed to us starting so late - 2pm.  Our little group stuck together and regrouped at the turns when needed.  Kudos to the ladies for getting out there.
I added another 12-miles riding home from the shop.  That's about 48-miles in total.  Not a bad day!

You can find out more about Women on Wheels - McDonough on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.