Monday, June 10, 2013

Healthy Newton Criterium

On Saturday, June 8th Susan and I drove on over to Conyers/Covington, Georgia for the Georgia Bicycle Racing Association Healthy Newton Criterium Cat 3, 4 and 5 races.  To prepare for a day in the heat Susan and I brought a cooler and some folding cloth chairs.  The Southern Crescent Cycling team already had 2 tents and one tarp to place on top of the long grass.  The tarp was a good idea that I will remember for next year because ticks were all over the place.  Big ones and tiny ones too.
A Big tick
We brought our dog Max to watch the races.  He's on a regiment of Trifexis for fleas and heart-worms.  The literature doesn't say it works on ticks so Susan and I will have to be careful with Max.
Susan and Max the Wonder Dog
Our Southern Crescent Cycling friends and teammates were competing in the last three races of the day.  The Cat 3 race started at 4:45pm and was 45 minutes in duration.  The Cat 3 race was followed by the Cat 4 race which was 35 minutes long.  The Cat 5 race was the last race of the day.  It was 30 minutes long.

Having friends in each race made them much more fun to watch.  We had four friends in the Cat 3 race.  A fifth Cat 3 racer got caught in traffic out of Atlanta and missed the start.  We had one teammate in the Cat 4 and Cat 5 races.
Taylor Dunn followed by Marcelo Martino
The Cat 3 race went well with SCC riders scoring several top ten finishes.

Cat 3 Results
The Cat 4 race had one lone SCC rider making a podium finish much less likely.
Heber Cristino
Cat 4 Results
We had a better showing in the Cat 5 race.
Kenny Gilead
Cat 5 Results
Kudos to all our Southern Crescent Cycling teammates who competed this weekend.

Shane Matthews was also at the race.  He's taken some really good pictures in the past.  I'm sure he'll upload his new photos to his website soon.

Below is a link to some pictures I took.
Healthy Newton Crit Race

Thanks for reading.