Sunday, April 6, 2014

Second OWS in the Lake

Swim Across America Team Lake Spivey teammate Stephanie and I swam in the lake on Saturday. We had everything we needed to conquer the cold. We had full wetsuits (Stephanie's first swim in her new Orca wetsuit), swim caps (a neoprene Blue-Seventy Skull cap for me and doubled-up latex caps for Stephanie), goggles, and noodles, of course.
Me and Stephanie before our swim
Susan followed us in the kayak carrying our noodles. We swam east toward the dam.

Almost half-way
 We used the noodles to take a break with before heading back to the dock.

I was surprised that after we got started I wasn't as cold as I had been only a few days before during my first OWS of the season. I'm sure the neoprene cap had something to do with that. It was well worth the expense. The cap was comfortable to wear too. It did reduce my hearing to also nothing though. That's something to keep in mind on a lake where powerboats operate. I never heard the drone of any engines as the boats powered by us.  Stephanie said she wasn't cold either after we started swimming.

We swam about 1.5-miles.  Next time we'll go for 2-miles.  Kudos to Stephanie. She has really gotten faster since last year.

Thanks for reading.