My 2014 Races, etc.

This page has been blank for way too long.  Here it is the early part of June and I'm just finally figuring out my plans for the year.  I know that my events will be far fewer than in previous years.  It's a recovery and rebuilding year.  So, without any further delay, here's my list of 2014 races and events.

May 4th - Swim Across America Atlanta 5K OWS - Lake Spivey, GA - 3rd from last in 2:08:43
June 21st - Atlanta Streetcar Run the Rail 5K - Atlanta, GA - 21st Overall, Masters Male winner in 20:10 (the course was a bit short)
Aug. 23rd - Run Now for Autism Speaks 5K - Wildwood, NJ - 6th Overall in 21:05
Oct. 25th - Halloween Bone Run 5K - Pittsgrove, NJ - 27th overall in 20:11 (real time 20:25)
Nov. 8th - Lake Spivey Road Race 15K - Lake Spivey, GA
Nov. 22nd - Hill Country Trail Race 15K at Serenbe - Palmetto, GA

I will not do any water runs, color runs, or mud runs.  No glow runs or electric runs either.  I guess I just don't get it!  If I want to get dirt I'll mow my lawn or clean my gutters.  Additionally, I did't plan on pre-registering for any races this year unless my pre-registering assures my entry and race day registration does not.  Maybe there's a entry limit and the race is expected to sell out, then I'd pre-register.  I eventually deviated from my no pre-registering plan.  The organizational part of my brain couldn't stand not knowing what was next.

Since has decided to make finding races so difficult I'll use these resources to find my future races.