Blog Page Headers

A collection of my blog headers with a brief description of each.

A screenshot from Zwift
My finisher medals as they hang on my closet door
A ticket stub from the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City
Sunset on Lake Spivey
Destin Harbor in Florida
The image above of the jetskier in Destin harbor was taken in May, 2012 while Susan and I were on vacation near there.  The weather was perfect all week.  We rode our bikes each morning and headed toward the water later in the day.

2011 Tri the Parks Male Award Winner
The Tri the Parks series of triathlons ended the 2011 race season with the John Tanner #2 sprint on September 10th in Carrollton, Georgia.  I finished 1st in my age-group and am the 6th person in the second row from the left behind the guy in the white shirt.

An enhanced image of a solar eclipse
The image of a solar eclipse does not typically feature a cratered moon.  Instead, a blacked out sphere is seen.  The sun's corona can be seen eminating from behind the moon.  The image of the eclipse and the moon taken by friends at .  

One of the lazy pigs at Noah's Ark in Locust Grove, Georgia
Noah's Ark is a shelter for neglected and abused animals and children.  Visitors are free to walk amongst the animals but donations are greatly appreciated.  We visited Noah's Ark in 2009.

Lake Spivey in the fall
Lake Spivey is 600 acre private lake located south of Atlanta, Georgia in Clayton and Henry County.  Most of my open water swim sessions are in the lake.  The few other ows's I've done have been in Lake Peachtree and Panama City Beach in Florida.  Lake Spivey does allow power boat traffic for registered civic association members but, for the most part, the lake has very little use.