Friday, December 24, 2010

FuelBelt Aero FuelBox

My new FuelBelt Aero FuelBox arrived this week.  I've been using my wife's TNi bento box when needed.  Now I have my own bento box!

TNi TRZ Bento Box before being replaced by the FuelBox

The FuelBox is padded on the sides with a textured removable plastic insert to better form the interior of the box.  The zipper pull is red in color and easy to see.  It's made of a soft rubbery material that shouldn't be slippery when wet.  The white and red FuelBelt emblem is not reflective as it might appear in the image below.  The box should mount securely to my bike with the 4 Velcro straps.  I put white electrical tape on my frame so it won't get scratched by the Velcro.  The tape also provides a better surface to which the straps can grip.

FuelBelt Aero FuelBox
FuelBox and Liner
Liner temporarily removed
My new FuelBox installed
I placed the bento box in front of the seat post because my Quintana Roo CD0.1 has 3 cables just behind the headtube and I was afraid I might affect the cable's smooth operation.

One of the differences between the TNi box and the FuelBelt box is that the TNi model has a mesh Velcro attached cover which should allow for better venting of any accumulated moisture.  The FuelBox should be better for storing electronics like a cell phone or anything paper (map), as well as, snacks and supplements.

The TNi model has a small Velcro topped interior side pocket which I used to hold my identification during races.  The FuelBox has no pockets.