Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gross Hematuria

No talk about exercise would be complete without some discussion of injuries. Knee pain and back pain are the usual culprits but I'd like to take just a moment to discuss the lesser known Gross Hematuria, also known as runner's or jogger's hematuria.  This is a condition which I had the pleasure of experiencing this summer.  While training for the Peachtree Road Race 10K foot race which is on July 4th of each year in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was working in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in June and ran in the heat.  When I returned to Atlanta I continued my midday runs in the heat.  As I trained in the 90-degree plus temperatures my hydration was affected and one day I found myself urinating blood right after a run.  Needless to say this really got my attention.

I contacted some friends and soon had an appointment with a urologist.  After numerous tests my final diagnosis was Gross Hematuria caused by dehydration.  The bleeding was likely caused as the walls of my bladder rubbed together as I ran with an empty bladder.

The solution was easy; I was instructed to stay hydrated and not to empty my bladder before running.

Since my diagnosis I ensure that I drink water or Gatorade about 20 minutes before I run and stay hydrated.  It's been working well so far!