Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Favorite Training Course Maps

I thought I'd list a few of the maps of where I train.  I created these maps on MapMyRun. 

I've listed 2 run maps and 2 swim maps.  The runs are on city streets in a residential area.  There are 3 roads on the 15K course that are heavily traveled by vehicle traffic but the majority of the roads are scenic, quiet and safe.  I sometimes skip Jodeco Drive to limit the long run distance to 7.5-miles.  When I need a workout on hills I hit the 3.1-mile run course.  Emerald Drive has plenty of hills.

The swim maps are in Lake Spivey.  I usually swim the 1-mile course.  I have combined the 2 courses to complete the full 2.4-mile Ironman distance.  This is where Chip, Richard, Ken and I will train for the Ironman Florida swim segment.

Since I haven't created any ride maps yet, they'll have to wait.