Sunday, January 23, 2011

ATC Peachtree City 10K - Race Report

The 2011 Atlanta Track Club Peachtree City 5K & 10K took place in Peachtree City, Georgia on January 22nd at the Glenloch Recreational Center on Stevens Entry.  Race registration was free for wife and I.  We're ATC members.  Registration for non-members was only $10.  There was no t-shirt but they did have awards (for some).  I ran the 10K and my wife was going to run the 5K but it was too cold.  Instead, she took most of the images for this report.

Stretching inside the rec. center before the race
The rec. center facility include a heated building with two large rooms.  The room above was full of runners escaping the cold and stretching.  The other room was used for registration before the race and for food and the awards presentation after the race.

The 5K and 10K finish line tent
Crossing the finish line with a bunch of 5K'ers
Headed back to the start (post-race) to recover my jacket
The race finish area
Time keepers collecting the results
The race security force and troop transport vehicles
The finish line time caller-outer
The finish line
Much like last week's Museum of Aviation race in Warner Robins, Georgia, the weather at the start of this race was 28-degrees and blue skies.  The course is predominantly on the city's golf cart paths through the woods.  This is the case for all the Peachtree City races I've run.  Why run in the street if you don't have to?  Time "caller-outers" were located at each mile.  There were also probably about a dozen runners, that weren't participating in the race, enjoying the morning by running on the course.

I hoped to end the race with a sub-40 minute finish time.  It would be the first time I've had done that since I ran a 10K in Brooks, Georgia around 1990.  I remember running that race in 39:40 after having worked all night long.  I need a bit more sleep these days.  I used that finish time for the one and only Peachtree Road Race I've run where I started with the sub-seeded runners.  I've run about a half-dozen PRR over the years.

My results for the Peachtree City 10K was a finish time of 42:10 (chip time) with a 6:47 pace and 4th in my age group.  No award for me, again! That's my third 4th place age group finish in a row.

My next attempt at a sub-40 10K will be the Charles Harris 10K on February 26th in Tucker, Georgia.  That is unless I run the Freedom Run 10K in Morrow, Georgia on February 12th.  Both 10K races are USATF certified and included in an Atlanta Track Club list of the top ten PRR qualifying races in Georgia.