Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Bike Ride Since Thanksgiving

I've been running a lot to the detriment of my bike training.  My last ride was about 2 months ago around Thanksgiving.  I had a flat that day so I remember it well.

Today, four of us set out on a 30-mile ride through Fayette County.  Bill Payne, Chip West, Richard Black and I started at Harp's Crossing Baptist church south of Fayetteville and headed south'er through Brooks, Georgia.  This has been a popular area for cycling for years.  I remember riding my red Trek 1500 road bike there 20-years ago with the now defunct Spalding Sprockets out of Griffin, Georgia.  Traffic has increased a bit since then.  The weather was sunny with a temperature of 52-degrees.  It was a good day for a ride, I just wish I was in better shape.

Bill with his Cannondale road bike
"Ironman" Chip with his QR Lucero Lite
Richard with his Cannondale Slice
The Crew
Our average speed was only about 18mph.  That's mostly because Richard and Chip had to wait for Bill (who was kind enough to wait for me).  The last time we rode together I felt like Cal Naughton Jr. in the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  Shake and Bake!  This time I was more like Lt. Dan Taylor in Forest Gump before he got his new legs.