Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Marathon in Six Days

As my friends relax in Orlando, Florida after finishing their marathon today I still have to train for my race on Saturday. During the past two days I've only logged about 5 miles on the treadmill. That's not so bad since I'm in my training taper period. Today my training plan called for me to run 10 miles. I ran a distance of 10.3 miles. My finish time was 1:26:49 at a 8:26 pace. I'm not trying to kill myself at this point!

Stats: Avg HR: 162, In zone (120-180): 1:25:21, Above zone: 0:20, Below zone: 1:08, Calories burned: 1183

The weather was mostly cloudy with a light wind and a temperature of 34 degrees.