Monday, January 10, 2011

First Marathon Packing List

My first marathon is only a few days away and I don't want to forget anything that I may need on race morning.  I've created a list to help me remember what to bring.  A list of item for any foot race would of course include shorts, shoes, socks, race belt, etc. but a marathon isn't just any race.  This is especially true since it's my first marathon and the weather will be cold.

The marathon is the Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon in Warner-Robins, Georgia on January 15th.  My buddy Jim will also be running.  After running 48 races in 2009 Jim took off from racing all of 2010.  He should be well rested! 

Since the race takes place on Robins Air Force Base proper identification is a must.  In fact, runners will surrender their ID's while on the base.  They'll be returned upon departure.

Marathon packing list items
On with the list!

The clothes I plan to wear or bring for before, during, and after the race are; a coat, running pants, shirts (short sleeve & long), shoes (2 pairs) shorts, socks (2 pairs), and gloves.

My gear will include; Band-Aids, BodyGlide, heart rate monitor and strap, race belt, sunglasses, toilet paper, towel, trash bags, and a visor.

The nutrition I'll bring will include; bagels, Clif Bars, Gatorade, GU, Perpetuem, and water.

The miscellaneous stuff includes; the race address and directions, backpack, camera, identification, race documentation, wallet and money, lip balm, gum, and reading glasses.

Since my knees aren't what the once were I'll also bring; Ziploc bags, a cooler of ice, cellophane wrap, ibuprofen, and paper towels.

I'm also going to pack and gas up the old jalopy the night before the race. 

Lastly, since I'll be driving, that morning I'll give my car keys to Jim so he's not left out in the cold for hours while I'm still on the course.

I sure hope I've covered everything!