Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Long Run before MoAFM

The Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon is in Warner-Robins, Georgia on January 15th.  With the race less than 2 weeks away I should be starting my taper.  I planned to run my last long distance today.  I planned to run 20-miles, reduced that to 16-miles, started my run thinking 11-miles should be good enough and ended up running 8.5-miles.  That's what I call sticking to the plan!

My run time was 1:09:28 for the 8.5-miles at a 8:10 minute/mile pace.

Stats: Avg HR: 168, In zone (120-180): 1:08:47, Above zone: 0:16, Below zone: 0:25, Calories burned: 1011

The weather today was clear and calm with a temperature of 48 degrees.