Monday, January 31, 2011

My Old Race Bibs

What to do with my bibs from past races?  I was looking through some old fitness stuff the other day and found several race numbers I’d worn in the 1990’s.  There they were in a file cabinet amongst the user manual for my treadmill, various documentation for my other fitness equipment, a cloth Southern Bicycle League patch, the sales receipt for my 1989 Trek 1500 road bike, etc.

They include bibs from the 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 Peachtree Road Race.  The PRR numbers are 3158, 3138, 70404 and 20055, respectively.  I think the 1993 bib # 3158 might be from my one and only PRR sub-seeded wave start.  I don’t know for sure since the 1994 bib is almost the same number.  Maybe I was sub-seeded in the 1991 or 1992 PRR.  Those bibs are long gone (if they ever existed).  I wish the Atlanta Track Club would post the results from their earlier races.

Old Race Bibs from the 1990's
Along with my PRR bibs I also found a bib from the inaugural GA400 race.  I don’t remember the distance or the year but I do remember that GA400 had just opened and this was the first race.

The last old bib is from the 1994 Atlanta Half-Marathon.  This was the race where I screwed-up my knees.  I should burn this one!

I wonder what happened to all the other race bibs I’ve worn over the years.  There was the Macon Triathlon, a 10K in Brooks, GA, several races in Oklahoma City, OK, a 5K in Griffin, GA when I ran my 5K PR of 18:21, and others.  I remember the Macon Triathlon because it was the race that created my aversion point-to-point races.

Anyway, I guess it’s time to buy a bib folio.

Maybe next I'll discuss my old triathlon apparel starting with my speedo-style Scott Tinley tri-suit, circa 1990.  On second thought, I think I've already said enough!