Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 2011 Training Summary

In late January I committed to running 80-miles, cycling 300-miles, and swimming 4-miles during the month of February.  These numbers don't reflect what my training plan had in store for me, they are more a reflection of what I thought time constraints from work, weather, several foot races, and family obligations would allow. 

With some creative cipherin' I ended up almost meeting my goal.  I ran 81.2-miles during the month, cycled 140.15-miles and swam 5.55-miles.  He's where the cipherin' comes into play.  81.2-miles is 101.5% of my running goal.  That's 1.5% extra.  I can't just throw that wouldn't be fair.  I cycled 140.15-miles which is admirable but only 46.72% of my goal.  Okay!  My swimming goal was 4-miles and I swam 5.55-miles or 138.75%. 

101.5(run) + 46.72(bike) + 138.75(swim) = 286.97

Now, ideally I would have trained 100% in each disipline. 

100(run) + 100(bike) + 100(swim) = 300

Taking my completed miles and dividing them against my goal miles and the end result doesn't look too bad.

286.97(completed) / 300(goal) = 95.6%

No matter how you look at it, 95.6 is a passing grade.  I guess I might be fudging just a bit since I set my own goals in the first place.  So, I get the opportunity to do it all over again in March. 

My goals for March are the same.