Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Georgia Cup Cycling Race

The 2011 Georgia Cup cycling circuit race in Senoia, Georgia took place today and I took a few pictures.  Senoia is a neat little town south of Fayetteville.  Susan, Max and I arrived in Senoia just before 3PM. 
Downtown Senoia
In Senoia we met up with Junior, a cycling buddy that rides out of Epic Bikes in McDonough. 
Junior and friends waiting for the riders to pass
Susan and Max
The race started just outside of town near a local cemetery. 
Spectators await the riders to pass
The circuit races started at 3:30PM with the Cat 5 riders.  About 5 minutes later the Cat 4 riders started.  Each group of riders had a motorcycle and police escort.  We missed the time trial race which took place earlier in the day.  The road race is scheduled for Sunday.
Riders before the start
Cat 4 and Cat 5 riders rode 3 loops in the circuit and Cat 3 riders rode 4.

Riders near the finish (or the end of a lap)
A Snoop Dog look-alike drove by during the race in a real-time low-rider.
The Senoia Police Dept. did a great job providing escort for the riders. 
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Georgia Cup Cycling Races - Apr 16, 2011