Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 17-23 Training Highlights

I rode with the Southern Crescent Cycling club folks from the Epic Bikes shop on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Both rides started at 6:15pm.  Monday's meet up resulted in 35 cyclists gathering in the shop parking lot.  We split into 3 groups by expected speed and varying distances.  I rode with the "A" group which averages 20-21 mph on Monday and Wednesday.  We rode the same 27 mile route on both evenings.  The route heads south toward Griffin but cuts short around the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton to head back to the shop.

I believe the "B" group riders shorten the route between miles 6 and 12.  The "A" group caught the "B" group riders on both evenings at about the 15 mile point near the speedway.

Friday was a swim, bike, run training day.  Chip, Richard and I met The Cube, one of my fellow BeginnerTriathlete forum posters, at Drake Field behind the Peachtree City library on Willow Bend Road.  This is also the site of the Peachtree City Triathlon transition area.  We found that The Cube is a better swimmer than the rest of us.  His coaching by Endurance Concepts must account for that.  The PTC lake is a popular swim spot for EC athletes because several others showed up to swim and bike during the afternoon.  I found the temperature of the water was perfect for my full wetsuit.  The others all wore sleeveless wetsuits.  The turbidity or cloudiness of the water was poor.  It was very murky.  The swim was a good opportunity to practice our sighting. 

Some images of Drake Field and Lake Peachtree.
The PTC lake parking lot with the lake in the distance
Lake Peachtree
The beach area
The PTC triathlon transition area with the parking lot in the distance
After our swim, Chip, Richard and I rode 23 miles, then Chip and I ran 10K.  Peachtree City is not a great place to ride at 4:00pm on a Friday afternoon.  There were too many cars and the huge 4-way stops were a hassle.  Running on the cart paths was nice because it was shaded.  It was refreshing to see so many people out cycling and running.

Note:  When I came home from my Wednesday evening ride Susan was getting ready to feed Max.  On the menu was Fillet Mignon and chicken strips.  His dinner smelled so good that I had to eat some, to Max's dismay.  Susan said that the meat had been in the freezer a while and we needed to get rid of it.  Max said he would take care of it!
Max's Dinner
A happy dog
Happy Easter!