Friday, April 8, 2011

Local Bike Shop Spring Haul

My wife Susan purchased a Groupon for a local bike shop.  If you don't know what a Groupon is, it's basically an on-line coupon that you purchase, with a difference.  Groupon sends out e-mails for local businesses.  They're usually for discounts on services or merchandise.  Sometime they're for tickets to a concert or event.  No matter what the item, it's usually local.  The difference being that a pre-defined number of people have to buy the Groupon before everyone can use it.  If the number is reached than the buyers can print the Groupon or save it to your smartphone for use.  Susan purchased the Groupon for the Atlanta Trek store in McDonough a few weeks ago and we decided to use it today.

I had a list of items that I wanted to get.  I always have a list.  My local bike shop spring haul of items includes; BodyGlide anti-chafe balm, Bontrager Turbo Charger floor pump, Bontrager sport gloves, Camelback podium chill water bottle (2), Cateye wheel magnet, Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem endurance fuel powder, Sugoi RS jersey, and a Take A Look cyclist mirror.
LBS Spring Haul
I know this probably isn't much of a haul for most shoppers.  It also might seem like a commercial for Groupon.  It's actually more of an endorsement of my local bike shops.  Even without the Groupon I think I got some pretty good deals.  The floor pump, gloves, and Perpetuem were all on sale.  The other items were likely close to the same price that I would have paid if I had purchased them on-line.

The Perpetuem replaces my last batch of the same.  I chose orange-vanilla flavor because I'm used to it (not because I like it) and I'm afraid to try a new flavor I may really dislike.  The floor pump replaces my old Zefal pump which takes two people to use.  Someone to pump and someone else to hold the pump head on the presta valve.  The Cateye wheel magnet will go on my extra set of wheels.  No more swapping the magnet to whatever wheelset I'm using!

I didn't get everything on my list.  My next trip will be to Epic Bikes in McDonough.

Susan wanted me to point out that I used to like going to Lowe's and Home Depot but don't anymore.  Maybe that's because everything I buy at those stores requires that I work.

Thanks for reading.