Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peachtree City Girls

Chip, Richard and I planned to put in some good training miles on the bike on Thursday.  Last week I replaced my Flashpoint FP60 wheels with stock Alex wheels for use while training.  I took a picture of my bike before we started our ride.

My ride with my circa 1990 Zefal Husky floor pump
Half way through our ride from near the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Henry County we were down in Spalding County.  As we rode we passed by a female cyclist on a bike with fully loaded panniers.  While we passed she let us know that she was hauling 20lbs of gear.  We passed a second female cyclist.  She was a couple of hundred yards behind the first rider.  She was also loaded to the gills.  The third and final rider was, like before, some distance behind the second rider.  We gave a quick wave as we passed and continued our ride.

On our return trip toward Fayetteville we saw the riders again.  Now, I've seen girls on bikes before.  The Silver Comet Trail has lots of female cyclists.  The interesting thing was that they were obviously traveling and it's not often one sees someone, or three someones, using bikes for transport.  The SCT also has "travellers" on bikes but I think they usually don't has a specific destination in mind.  In most instances the SCT travellers are likely "Urban Outdoors man".  I asked the girls if I could take a picture and they kindly obliged.
Cyclist from Peachtree City
Headed home fully loaded
The girls said that they had ridden from Peachtree City to High Falls Park.  They were making the 56 mile return trip from High Fall when we caught up with them.  This was their training ride for this year's Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) and a trip to Oregon.  You go girls!

Chip and Richard pulled me for 47 miles at 18.9 mph.