Sunday, April 24, 2011

Take A Look Mirror

I've finally found a mirror that I like!  Years ago I used a Velcro attached helmet mounted plastic mirror.  I grew to like that mirror.  When Susan and I started cycling again last year I bought her a Third Eye foam helmet mirror.  She didn't care for it.  I liked it but thought there might be something better.  On the advice of a fellow rider I bought a Zefal Spy mirror.  The Zefal Spy didn't work for me.  I reviewed it here.  After reading some online reviews I decided to try the Bike Peddler Bike Products original Take A Look mirror.  Apparently, there is also a compact version.  After using the Take A Look mirror I can see why other riders like it.  The mirror attaches to my sunglasses securely.  I thought the wire frame would be flimsy, but it isn't.  The wire is rigid.  It adjusts easily and holds alignment well.  The mirror itself is good quality and large enough to provide a good field of view.  It's slightly heavier than the plastic Third Eye mirror but not so much that it's uncomfortable or pulls down my sunglasses.

Susan's Third Eye foam helmet mounted mirror uses a hi-tech Duel-Lock material with an adhesive backing to attach the mirror to the helmet.  The Duel-Lock material does seem to provide better adhesion compared to the previously used Velcro.
Third Eye foam helmet mirror
Another view of the Third Eye mirror
Zefal Spy mirror
The Take A Look mirror, Original
Take A Look mirror attached to a pair of sunglasses
The excellent quality and superior field of view of the Take A Look mirror make it hard to beat.  The Third Eye mirror would be my second choice. 

The Take A Look mirror cost $14.99 +tax at my local bike shop.