Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Ironman Florida Participant Stats

I re-watched the 2010 Ironman Florida video on Universal Sports yesterday.  I had recorded the television broadcast on my DVR last year and watched it once or twice with my wife.  I had since deleted it from my recorder but Chip was kind enough to find it online for me.  I think he likes the fact that I have a little consternation about the swim.  Seeing the mass swim start again was something to behold and, for me, to be wary of.  I consider myself a good swimmer.  I’m not fast but I think I could swim in a washing machine.  The problem arises when I’m in the washing machine and someone or several people kick me in the head.

With the thoughts of getting hit in the head alive and well in my brain I thought I’d investigate just how many athletes might be in the water on November 5th.  I took the latest participants list on the Ironman Florida website and copied to Excel where I extracted the following numbers.

The 2011 Ironman Florida race has 3037 registered participants, 682 (22%) are female and 2355 (78%) are male.  Over 200 of them are fellow Georgians.

The chart below includes most of the female age groupers.

2011 Ironman Florida Female Age Group Registered Participants
The chart below includes most of the male age groupers.

2011 Ironman Florida Male Age Group Registered Participants
I don't know where I'll end up out of the estimated 226 male competitors in my age group, but I hope I do well. 

If you don't get Universal Sports from your satellite or cable tv provide, like me, you might want to install an over the air digital tv antenna like I did. 

These two blogs might help.