Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Ironman Florida Training Plan - Summary

The Gulf Coast Triathlon is only 5 days away.  As I enjoy the less intense taper period of my half-iron distance training plan my thoughts move forward to the next challenge, Ironman Florida.  I have a few foot races between now and IMFL, like the Peachtree Road Race in July, but my focus will be on November.

My training plan for the 2011 Ironman Florida is in the final draft stages. I'm doing a 20 week plan that is essentially my half-ironman plan plus 50% more time running, cycling and swimming. I say draft stages because I know that I'll adapt the plan to my work and family schedule as issues arise.  The plan starts on June 19th and ends on November 5th, race day. I start with 6 weeks of base building followed by a week of recovery, 3 more weeks of intense training, another recovery week, another 3 weeks to 1 week of training and recovery, and finally 3 weeks of training and 2 weeks of taper.

My weekly training hours go from 10 hours and 45 minutes during week 1 to 19 hours and 45 minutes during week 17. An additional 10 hours per week should probably be added for the logistics of training, especially travel.

This volume of training will require that I'm careful to avoid injury.

The plan has yet to be approved by "The Boss"!


  1. Is the boss the family or the training coach? Good luck on Gulf Coast, I need to get down there and do that race again, I had so much fun with it in 2006, plus it tracks most of the IMFL course, so that is always a plus. At least you get the warmer FL weather, but then again you will also be down in FL in November. My IMFL training plan starts around the 20th-21st of May, about a week after the Peachtree International Triathlon. Let us know how your race goes!

  2. Hey bud! How'd you do at Gulf Coast?

    I ultimately decided to pass on the race because of work commitments, but am beginning to put my IMFL plan together as well. Should be interesting adapting to all the travel I'll be doing this Summer...


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