Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maritza & Frank's Restaurant Review

On Tuesday night Susan and I went to dinner with our friends Jim and Mary Ann.  They had a Groupon from Thai Heaven which is located on N. Central Avenue in Hapeville, Georgia.  We hadn't seen them in several weeks so this was an opportunity for us to catch up.  Jim is an avid runner so, before we left their house for the restaurant, he showed me the new additions to his race awards and t-shirt collection.  Jim doesn't usually go home empty handed after a race.  In this case, he had seven new awards including a Cinco de mayo bowl, bobble head doll, coffee mug, two plaques, and two medals.  Mary Ann said that if it's not a first place age group award than it goes into the basement along with the bags of race t-shirts that Jim's acquired over the years.

When we arrived at the restaurant we found that it was closed for dinner.  That was odd because Mary Ann had called ahead and asked if reservations were required.  The folks at Thai Heaven said no.  Mary Ann also asked if Jim could bring his own wine to the restaurant.  They said yes.  Jim is a fine wine enthusiast.  So, there we were, on the sidewalk in Hapeville with two bottles of chilled fine wine and no place to eat. 

A few doors down from Thai Heaven we noticed Maritza & Frank's Southern Cooking restaurant.  Jim, Mary Ann and Susan went inside to see if we might want to eat there instead.  I waited in the car.  The decision was made try it so, I went inside too.  Maritza & Frank's is set up like an old style restaurant with brick interior walls, booths and tables.  The menu is, as the name implies, southern food.  Our pleasant server, Ann made a few suggestions before we ordered.  Susan and I had the beef tips and rice.  Mary Ann had the chopped steak, and Jim had the fried pork chop.  The vegetables; collard greens, black-eyed peas, and green beans were farm fresh and delicious.  The corn muffins were also excellent.  All of us, with the exception of myself, are foodies. 

Our meals arrived within a few minutes.  We were all pleasantly surprised with the freshness and flavor of the food.  I, for one, do not consider myself a southern cooking aficionado but Susan and Mary Ann are and they were both very happy.

So, if you're ever in Hapeville and are looking for a good place to eat I'd recommend that you checkout Maritza & Frank's Southern Cooking restaurant on N. Central Avenue.

I don't know when Jim and Mary Ann will ever use their Groupon.

Sorry, no food pictures!