Thursday, June 16, 2011

Southern Crescent Cycling Wednesday Ride

I rode 30 miles this evening with about 30 cyclist.  Most of the riders are in the picture below.  The ride left the Epic Bikes shops on Jonesboro Road at 6:15pm.  The temperature when we left the parking lot was in the 90's.  Most of the riders are members of the Southern Crescent Cycling club with the majority living in Henry County, Georgia and a few, like myself, live in Clayton County.  The Wednesday ride usually separates into 3 groups of riders, A, B, and C.  No Newbie ride on Wednesday!  On this evening, the A group rode with the slower B group.  That's the group I rode with.  My bike computer showed that I averaged 18.3 mph.  The C groupers tagged along behind us somewhere.  I think they may have even ridden a shorter route.

Southern Crescent Cycling Wednesday Ride
Our route took us south from the shop to GA-20, south again to Hillview, through Sunny Side, north on old Ga-3 toward Hampton, west on GA-20 and around the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and finally winding east back to the shop.

A map of our ride.  The group ride routes change periodically and sometimes even as they're being ridden.

Happy birthday to Junior.  Junior is 23 years old (at least that's what he said) and is one of the Newbie ride leaders on Monday evenings.