Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 Dog Days 100

Saturday, August 20th is the date of the inaugural Dog Days 100 century ride in Griffin, Georgia.  It's also the date of the Peachtree City Sprint triathlon.  I'd like to both but, alas, I must choose one.  The triathlon would be great because that's the event for which I've been training.  However, I've decided to do the DD100.  I've made that decision for two reasons.  The first reason is that I used to ride with several of the guys from Griffin that are helping organize the ride.  This will probably be a good opportunity to see many of them.  These are the guys that I rode with from Griffin, Georgia to St. George Island in Florida.  I reminisced about the ride in St. George Island or Bust.  These were some tough guys back in the day.  I haven't seen any of them in 20 years.  I wonder if they've been riding much.  I hear they still make the annual ride to the island.  The second reason for wanting to do the DD100 is that the DD100 and the Wilson 100, the following weekend, are probably much better preparation for Ironman Florida.  I'm hoping to finish one of these century rides in 5 hours.  The heat may squash that effort.

The DD100 is an out and back course.  One could traverse a short gap at the turn-around to shorten the ride considerably.  There is also a 20, 32, and 50 mile course.  The map below is a rough estimation of the 100 mile course.  The major roads are correct but I'm not sure about the roads through Orchard Hill and Flovilla.  This was my backyard 20 years ago when I lived in Griffin.  I used to ride these roads all the time.  I'll bet they've changed a little.

Chip and Richard will be doing this this ride with me.  I hope Chad, Ken, and Tracy will do it too. 

Here are the event details from the ride flyer.

Saturday, August 20th 2011

Rehoboth Middle School, 1500 Rehoboth Rd, Griffin GA 30224

Griffin, GA: Join us and be a part of the Inaugural Dog Days 100 multi-optional ride through Atlanta’s Southern Crescent region. Ride begins at 7:30am and takes riders through historic High Falls State Park and Indian Springs State Park. Proceeds benefit the Salvation Army Community Center Boys and Girls After School Program.

COST: $ 35.00 per rider (13yrs and older)

OPTIONS: The Inaugural rides include 20, 32, 50 and 100 miles Century

WHAT’S INCLUDED with registration:
 Complimentary Spaghetti Dinner at Spalding

Regional Medical Center, Friday Night (6-8pm)
 Event T-shirt with all pre-registrants by Aug 17, 2011
 Plenty of Food and Beverage along the route

 Family Fun Children Activities (9am to 11am - no charge)
 BBQ cook out (11:30am - 2pm - $ 10.00 per plate)

To register go to  Search: Dog Days 100

For more information and available sponsorships call (678) 972-6993

Thanks for reading.

Update (8/19/11):  I found the actual course map and here it is.