Friday, July 15, 2011

Crime Stoppers at Work

Heritage Ridge subdivision entrance
I just had to relay something that happened today that really got my blood boiling.  Susan and I had gone to the grocery store and were headed back to our house.  We were driving by the Heritage Ridge subdivision in Henry County which is about a mile from out house when I noticed something.  A green Ford Mustang coupe was parked at the entrance.  The year make of the car was about 1995.  The passenger of the mustang had gotten out of the car and when I saw her she had a hand full of plants that she had pulled from the ground and was putting in the car.  They were stealing plants.  I did a quick turn-a-turn and met the car as it was exiting the subdivision.  As the driver waited for traffic to pass before pulling onto Jodeco Road I got out of my truck and recorded the tag number, Spalding County DP3LLX.  The driver lowered her window.  I asked her about the plants and she said she didn't take no plants.  The car entered Jodeco Road heading west.  Once again I did a quick turn-around and headed west too.  The car had pulled into the adjacent retail space parking lot on the left.  I turned onto the next road on the right, did another U-turn and was soon following the mustang heading west again.  The car then made a turn onto Emerald Drive, drove about 1/2 mile and did a U-turn.  Back to Jodeco Road we go!  Through all this Susan is talking to the Henry County Police Department on her cellphone.  They didn't have anyone in the area.  Of course not!  After noticing that we were still following them, the green mustang returned to the scene of the crime.  Both the driver, a woman in her fifties, and her passenger, a woman in her thirties, exited the car.  The driver headed toward me exclaiming that her mother was in the hospital.  Look mom I stole these plants for you.  Get well soon!  The passenger was putting the plants back in the holes they were removed from only ten minutes earlier.  As the passenger was getting back into the car I heard her say something about her gun.  All I can say is she had better have had a full clip.  Our full blooded Silver Sable German Shepherd Max was in the truck with us and be officially weighs more than I do.  He went to the Vet's office today for a shot and got weighed while he was there - 128lbs.

Max taking a nap on the couch
Susan and I waited about ten minutes but the police never arrived.  Susan called them and told them they had our information if they needed it.

We saw a resident of the neighborhood and let them know what happened.

Thanks for reading.

Update: Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 at 7:06pm - As I ran by the entrance to the Heritage Ridge subdivision today I noticed that one of the plants was missing.  The picture above was taken on Sunday, July 17th.  Between then and now someone decided to steal a plant.  I wonder who that might be?

Update: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 3:30pm - As I was running on Jodeco Drive I saw the green mustang parked in a driveway.  That clears things up a bit.  Why drive all the way from Spalding County to steal plants when you live (work or visit) in Clayton County.  Stealing from your neighbors is so much more convenient and it saves gas too!  I'm sure the driver is very environmentally conscious. The mustang still spots the same Spalding County handicapped vehicle tag.