Sunday, July 24, 2011

My First Big Dam Ride

After riding very little last week I got a good ride on Sunday.  I met several Southern Crescent Cycling members at the Eagle's Brook subdivision entrance in Locust Grove at 6:45am.  That's a bit early for me but I needed the exercise so 6:45am it is.  There were seven of us braving the dawn.  Tim and Clay were doing a recovery ride and the rest of us were there for the duration.  We were riding the Big Dam Ride course around Lake Jackson and back.  This was my first BDR ride. 

At the end of the day my bike computer read 63.7 miles.  David was our guide through the rural countryside of fenced fields dotted with the occasional subdivision.

Clay, Peto, Ann, Neil (me), David, Isabella, and Tim (l-r)
The seven of us left the parking lot just before 7am.  It wasn't long before we were separated into two groups of riders.  We wound our way through this back road and that, up hill and down.  I think I could faintly hear banjo music at one point.

The crew with the Big Dam in the background
The dam is at mile 37 on the mapmyride map.

The Sac-O-Suds
I had to stop and take a picture of the location of the Sac-O-Suds from a scene in the movie My Cousin Vinnie.  It's for sale, if you're interested!  It's at mile 38 on the map just to the left as we turned right from Lake Jackson Road onto GA16.

A stop for drinks on the BDR ride
We stopped for drinks at a bait shop at mile 39.4.  That's where learned that, if you have a fly problem (the ones with wings, not your pants), you can put a bag of water above a doorway and the flies won't get inside.  I looked on in amazement as the store owner told me this story.  He said he couldn't believe it either but it works.  You can't argue with success!
It was a good ride and it put me on course for the week with my training plan.

I also have to mention that I received 2 unsolicited waves from passers-by.  What does that mean?  When I run I try to wave at the drivers as they pass.  I rarely get any response.  On a typical 11 mile run I may wave 100 times with a Thank You (for not running me over).  I occasionally wave to drivers on my bike.  Hello, thanks for not sending me to the hospital!  Well, today two drivers waved at me when I didn't do a thing.  They must be crazy people!  That's the only logical explanation.

Thanks for reading.