Friday, July 15, 2011

Ride Scene Investigations (RSI)

If you read my Hospitality Highway Century Ride Report you'll recall that there was some dispute as to whether Chip and Richard lead me in the initial miles of the ride.  I was sure that I lead coming off of GA400.  I didn't see them until the water station at the 48 mile point after I'd ridden 54 miles.  Well, after some extensive investigating by Chip some new evidence has come to light. 

Chip reviewed the pictures I took of the water stations.  Specifically the picture taken at water station #2 at the 35 mile point.  This was my first stop and Chip and Richard were not yet with me.  I was solo.  In the picture Chip identified a black plastic trash bag which he said he helped a volunteer place under the Igloo cooler.  Since the bag was already in place when I took the picture he theorized that I must have arrived after them.  Chip also said he put out the kiddie seat for me just in case I needed to rest.  He's so thoughtful.

Hospitality Highway Century water station at mile 35 (evidence item #1)
 Click on the image above for a larger view.

In the interest of full disclosure it must be stated that I still rode almost 6 miles more than Chip and Richard that day.

Thanks for reading.