Saturday, July 30, 2011

Southern Crescent Cycling Time Trial

On Saturday, August 6th I'll ride my first time trial with the Southern Crescent Cycling club.  The course starts at the west end of GA 20 on Richard Petty Blvd.  This part of Henry County is usually reserved for NASCAR fans and zombies.  NASCAR fans swarm Hampton to attend stock car races at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Zombies came to film scenes for the movie Zombieland and still show up occasionally for the series The Walking Dead.  The wide roads and little traffic are great for filming.  The area should be just as well suited for a bike time trial. 

Riders start west of US 19/41 at the exit/entrance ramp to GA 20, go west passed the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Lower Woolsey Road to the turn-around at Limerick Way and back to the starting point.  One loop is 6-miles.  Riders complete 2 loops for the full 12-mile time trial.

Since this is my first TT I've read a few articles that might help my performance.  With this knowledge in mind here's what I plan to do to ensure my best effort.

Sometime before August 6th I will ride the course.  Even though I've ridden these roads before they're not fresh in my mind.  I want to become familiar with any potholes, sand, gravel, intersections, dogs, or other hazards before rather than during the TT.  To get my bike ready I'll remove any excess equipment like bottle cages and tool kits.  I won't have any water or tools on my bike.  If I get thirsty I'll just have to wait.  If I get a flat then I'll just have to walk.  I'll also remove my training wheels and put on my FP60 race wheels.  It would be nice if I had a full disc back wheel and a power meter but, I don't.  To get myself ready I'll eat pasta for dinner the evening before the TT and for breakfast that morning I'll have some fruit, toast, and drink something to get me hydrated.  Right before the TT I'll have some energy gel with caffeine and warm-up with a few 30 second sprints.  That's about it!  I may use my heart rate monitor but I doubt it.  I typically only wear my HRM when I run.  I just don't like the restrictive feeling of the chest strap.

Now, where did I put that unitard?  Oh, there it is!

My Southern Crescent Cycling Louis Garneau short sleeve skin suit
The TT is free to participants however, only club members are eligible for awards.

Thanks for reading.