Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woo Nam Jeong - Stone Bowl House

Susan and I, and several friends met at a Korean restaurant in Chamblee, Georgia for dinner on Saturday evening.  The group is comprised of foodies and wine enthusiasts, except me. The restaurant had recently been written about by a local food critic. Apparently, it received a good review.  As foodies, we eat, drank and discuss the flavors.  I guess that's called pairing.  What goes with what, what we like, what we don't like, etc.

I took a few pictures of the food. They're in the Picasa album below.

You might have noticed that the title of the album is Hoochee Map Dancers.  This group has been meeting and dining together for years.  Usually going to each other's homes where the host would prepare a meal of food from a previously selected country.  The other members of the group would bring an appropriate dish, as well as a bottle of wine.  During that stage of the groups life they referred to themselves as the Hoochees, short for Chattahoochee.  Most of the members live or lived on the north side of Atlanta.  Susan and I met them at a dinner at Jim and Mary Ann's house last year.  They live on the south side of Atlanta near us.  The new name reflects the new emphasis of the group which is to meet at restaurants, instead of each other's homes, and enjoy cuisine from all over the world. 

On Saturday, July 16th we met at Woo Nam Jeong for traditional Korean food.  The restaurant is located in Seoul Plaza at 5393 Buford Highway in Chamblee, Georgia.

The food was very good.  I don't think I've ever eaten Korean food before so it was a real adventure.  Much of the food is quite spicy which is okay by me.  Susan likes spicy food too.  All of the food was colorful and delicious.  The wine was very good as well.  Since I lack taste buds I drank a beer.  I did taste some of the wine.  It was good too.  You'll be interested to know that we did not finish most of the bottles of wine brought for sampling.  In fact, I think only one bottle was emptied.

Hoochee Map Dancers - Woo Nam Jeong

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