Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon Setup

I'm not racing tomorrow however, I swam the Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon course at Drake Field today and took a few pictures of the setup while I was there.  The setup crew had already fenced things off and painted tree roots and other hazards orange near the swim start.  The water temperature is cooler than it was a month ago.  That's good!  The turbidity (clarity) of the water is the same.  You'll be able see your feet just so long as you're not actually in the water.  Watch out for stumps!

Time trial swim start area
The swimmers pass over the timing mat at the starts in time trial fashion.  They swim the course clockwise with two right turns at the orange buoys before exiting the swim about 100 feet to the right of the start.

The swim course
Port-a-potties and fencing at what will probably be the bike start/finish.  There are more potties at the swim start.
Port-a-potties on the right
Fencing with packet pickup on the left and the transition area on the right
The transition area is in distance
Packet pickup area
I hope everyone has a good race.

Thanks for reading.