Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eight Down - Twelve Weeks to Go!

I've got to step up my training during week eight.  I posted my goal for August, on the Beginner Triathlete online forum, I was to swim 14 miles, bike 500 miles, and run 100 miles.  I just might be able to meet my goal, if I'm lucky.

On Sunday and Monday I ran 8.5 miles each day.  I had to go to work in the afternoon so I thought running would give me the most condensed workout for the time I could allow.

On Tuesday I did nothing.  On Wednesday I made up for my lazy Tuesday.  Susan and I rode our bikes 9.5 miles in the neighborhood in the morning.  Then we went to lunch at a new restaurant in Locust Grove.  On the drive back home I tried to find an inch/lbs torque wrench to properly remount my XLab carbon wing.  I removed my wing for the time trial I rode last Saturday.  Unsuccessful in my search for the correct torque wrench I decided to use my ft/lbs torque wrench.  Thirty inch/lbs is about 2.5 ft/lbs.  After we returned home I swam 1.9 miles in the lake.  Shortly after my swim I was on my bike and headed for the Epic Bikes shop for a club ride.  I rode another 38.5 miles with, and without the group.  Without the group was getting to and from the shop and my subtle way of saying that I got dropped.

Thursday was another kick it day.  I rode with Susan in the morning, swam 2 miles before noon and ran 8 miles in the afternoon.  I was beat!

On Friday I did a 42 mile solo ride on many of the same roads that I ride each week with Southern Crescent Cycling.  The difference in this ride was that I rode the course backwards.  That gave me a whole different view of the area.  There were several times when I questioned whether I had taken a wrong turn.

I was too tired to swim or run on Saturday.

To summarize my training for the week; I swam 3.9 miles, rode 100 miles and ran 25 miles for a total of just over 12 hours of exercise.  As usually, I'm a bit shy of my goal.  I missed my mark by 3 hours and 30 minutes.  There's just not enough time in the day!

Thanks for reading.