Monday, August 22, 2011

Nine Down - Eleven Weeks to Go!

Training week number nine is done.  It started on Sunday, August 14th and ended Saturday, August 20th. 

I took off from training on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

On Wednesday I rode with the Southern Crescent Cycling club.  I rode 42 miles.

On Thursday I rode with Susan in the morning and ran 8.5 miles in the afternoon.  Susan is riding one of the shorter legs of the Wilson 100 on August 28th.

On Friday I rode again with Susan a few miles in the morning.  In the afternoon Chip, Richard and I swam the Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon course four times.  My times were 1) 9:02, 2) 9:29, 3) 9:59, 4) 11:00.  Lap four was slower because the course was longer than .3 miles.  As we swam that final lap the wind picked up and moved two of the buoys.  When we were leaving Drake Field athletes were just arriving to pick up their race packets for Saturday.  I compared my 9:02 swim time with the 2010 results and it looked like I'd be in the top 50 or so out of the 1100 participants.  Subsequent reports of a short swim course and results showing faster swim times in 2011 might mean that I wouldn't do as well as I thought.  So, I swam about 1.2 miles in exactly 39:30.

On Saturday chip, Richard and I were at it again.  We rode the Dog Days 100 Century in Griffin.  The century distance was 95.57 miles on my Cateye computer and Richard's Garmin 310XT.  It was an event filled ride for me.  I took a wrong turn at the bottom of a hill which was followed by a long uphill.  It took me about 20 miles to rejoin the pack.  Shortly after I was with the pack I lost a Camelbak Chill water bottle.  At about $15 a pop I just had to turn around and retrieve it.  I rejoined the pack again at the halfway point rest station.  Richard and I waited for Chip who lost a bottle about 5 miles into the ride.  He didn't show up so we took off again just as Chip neared the rest station.  Richard and I waited for Chip again at the High Falls rest station.  He didn't stop.  We could see him in the distance crossing the bridge with two other riders.  We gave chase.  Richard was spent but I was eventually able to catchup and pass Chip.   I was about 1/4 mile ahead of him when my rear brake cable broke and when that happened the brake callipers closed down on the tire.  I was stopped in my tracks with only about 6 miles to go.  Chip passed by unconcerned about my predicament.  Richard rode up about 5 minutes later and let me borrow a strip of Velcro to hold my brake open.  I just happened to have the one Allen wrench that was the correct size to remove my brake pads.  With the Velcro installed and the calipers open I finished my ride in 4:57:22 ride time averaging 19.2 mph. 

In summary I swam 1.2 miles, rode 159 miles, and ran 8.5 miles. 

I know it's boring so thanks for reading anyway.