Thursday, August 25, 2011

Susan's Schwinn Mirada

When I wanted to buy a new bike last year I had to make a decision.  Was I going to get a bike that I wanted or was I going to settle for something less?  I discussed the purchase with my wife and we looked at bikes together.  She would say "isn't that one good enough" and "you're not going to the Olympics".  Those words only bolstered my determination to find and buy the bike I wanted.  My riding partner Chip has a Quintana Roo Lucero Lite.  He raved about how great it is and got me interested in the QR CD0.1.  As the weeks passed I did some traveling for work and Susan and I continued to talk about my future new bike.  During this time I had already registered for the Augusta Ironman 70.3.  When I wasn't running or swimming I was riding my wife's backup bike.  Luckily for me, we didn't venture beyond the roads in our neighborhood.  At the time Susan had a Specialized Sirrus Hybrid bike.  She has since replaced that with a Felt ZW Series 75 road bike. 

Susan's backup bike is a 1987 Schwinn Mirada
Schwinn Mirada
Critique my aero position
There I go again on my CD0.1
I eventually got my QR and have been very happy with it.  The relief Susan must have felt no longer having to ride with her husband sitting atop her pink bike must have been immense.  I had to revert back to Susan's trusty stead again this week while my bike was in the shop.

You might be surprised at the amount of effort it takes to get this behemoth moving.  The attractive color is an added incentive to keep moving.

Thanks for reading.