Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Shoes (and socks)

I decided last weekend that I wasn't going to run the marathon segment of Ironman Florida in my New Balance 758's.  That decision was really made the week prior after I finished the Peachtree City Classic 15K and I found a blood blister on my right foot.  My left foot just had a regular blister.

Blood blister after 2 weeks of healing
I suspect that the blisters were being caused by the seams on my Asics Kayano socks and not my shoes.  Who knows!

THe seams on my Asics Kayano socks
My Asics Cumulus 11 shoes have served me well.  They always felt good on my feet but they're just too heavy for a marathon.

My old Asics Cumulus 11 training shoes
I try to buy American made (or assembled) products and New Balance is one that I've used for years.  I'll check out some new NB shoes after my race is well over.

My old New Balance 758 race shoes
Ever the good wife, Susan called around to several Atlanta shoes stores inquiring about shoes that might fit my hobbit feet.  We decided the Big Peach Running Company store in Brookhaven was the place to go to.  It was 35 miles from our house but was the most likely place for me to find my shoes.  Plus, I had a 10% off coupon from a race I'd run.

The Big Peach Running Co. Brookhaven store
After I arrived at the store Laura had me stand on a pressure mat to evaluate my feet.  This is obviously something I couldn't do with a spray bottle of water and a sheet of paper.  See my previous shoe fitting blog here.
Me standing on the Aetrex iStep mat
Me and Laura reviewing the Aetrex iStep display
Laura highlighting my arches
Laura pointed out the pressure points on my feet and my weight balance / body symmetry on the display.

My pressure points, arches and symmetry
After my feet got checked out I had a slow run on a treadmill to analyze my gait.

Rolling up the pant legs
I ran on the treadmill first in the Asics Cumulus 13 shoes.  Then again in the Nike Pegasus 28 shoes.  Lastly, I ran in them both with one of each shoe on one foot.

One thing that I couldn't evaluate was my gait.  I aways thought I was a neutral runner and I am to some degree on my right foot.  Laura was able to identify some pronation on my left foot.

Laura was reluctant to change my shoe too drastically.

I ran on the treadmill again wearing the Asics shoe on my left foot and the Nike shoe on my right foot.

I brought my OXO digital scale to the store to check the weight of the shoes.  The Asics Cumulus 13 shoe weighed 11 3/4 oz. and the Nike Pegasus 28 shoe weighed 10 1/2 oz.

Asics Cumulus 13 (size 8.5, 4E)
Nike Pegasus 28 (size 8.5 4E)
Nike shoes, ibungee speed laces and Swiftwick Zero socks
The weather in Panama City Beach next week is supposed to be much cooler than I'd like.  It will likely be in the low 50's when I got out of the water and start the bike segment of the race.  With that in mind, Susan and I stopped at the REI store to picked up a pair of arm warmers and shoe covers.

Arm warmers and shoe covers
Thanks for reading.