Monday, October 10, 2011

Sixteen Down - Four Weeks to Go!

This was the worst week for training.  My work schedule was awful at the start of the week and during the second half of the week Susan and I celebrated her birthday.  Happy Birthday Honey!

The week started on Saturday, October 2nd.  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I rode 10 miles on the bike with Susan each morning.  On Friday afternoon I swam 2 miles in the lake.  I brought my swim cap and was glad I did.  The water temperature continues to cool.

To celebrate Susan birthday on Wednesday Susan and I ate at The Shed at Glenwood again.  We haven't eaten at any other "nice" restaurants since we found this place last month.  I finally brought my camera and took a few pictures.  The weather was great so we ate outside on the covered patio.  Sherri was our server again.  We like her (and the other staff, of course).  We also found out that we can bring Max, our dog, to sit outside with us.  Click on the album below to see my pictures.

The Shed at Glenwood

On Friday we saw the new George Clooney movie Ides of March.  It was good. 

Saturday marks the end of Susan's birthday Ramadan.  That's 7 days, give or take, of birthday stuff.  My birthday Ramadan was a few months ago.  We spent Saturday morning having breakfast with our daughter Lana and her son Josh.  After breakfast we took a walk on a path near Decatur while Josh rode his bike along with us.  In an effort to teach him some cycling etiquette I said to Josh - what does a cyclist say to you when he passes?  I was hoping he might say something like - on your left.  Instead, Josh said - nice bike.  I suppose that's one possibility.

On the drive home from Decatur Susan and I saw 2 guys running by the lake near our house.  I felt like I had seen the Loch Ness Monster.  I said to Susan - did you see that?  She said she did.  Imagine that 2 runners at the same time in Clayton County.  What are the odds?  This incident is worth noting because, since I like statistics, I'll sometimes search the race results where I've competed for runners in my area.  I like to know my competition.  Clayton County usually comes up short.  Maybe that's changing.

So, this week I worked out for roughly 4 hours.  Next week I've got to hit it hard before my taper.

Thanks for reading.