Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My 2012 Race List

It's official, I'm an Ironman.  So, now what?  Firstly, I guess I need to change the name of my blog.  I think it'll be Neil's Ironman Journey, and Beyond".  I wouldn't want to be presumptuous and change it to something like "Neil's Ironman Championship Journey".  That'll have to wait until 2013.

Even though I won't be doing a full Ironman in 2012 I still plan to do several sprint and Olympic distance races.  I promised my wife Susan that I wouldn't do a full iron distance race for a while.  Without the time commitment requirements of a 140.6 race I should have time to catch up on a few things around the house.  There are plenty of chores that I put off in 2011.  I still plan to swim, bike, and run to stay fit, as well as, enter several foot races and triathlons during the next year.  I'd like to do some races in Florida too.  Susan and I both have family in Florida, mine in Jacksonville and hers in Fort Lauderdale.  It would be nice to see them while we attend a race.  I haven't nailed down any good Florida triathlon candidates yet.  I'm sure one or two will find its way onto my list in a few months.  Since Susan has decided to do her first triathlon in the spring she'll have to put her stamp on my 2012 schedule too.

Below is a preliminary list of my 2012 races.  I haven't registered for any of these races yet, but I know I've got to do it soon.  A * indicates a race that I've entered in previous years.  So without any further ado here's my list of races for 2012.

My "I really want to do these" race list. 
My "these look good" list from the GA Multisports 2012 schedule.
  • April 29th - West Point Lake Sprint & International - West Point, Georgia (1:40 drive)
  • May 27th - Old Capital Tri - Milledgeville, Georgia (1:50 drive)
  • June 2nd - Rock N RollMan (Half, Sprint, Duathlon) - Macon, Georgia (1:15 drive)
  • June 10th - Spring Fling - Gainesville, Georgia (1:45 drive)
  • June - PT Solutions Allatoona Lake Sprint - Acworth, Georgia (1:15 drive)
  • July 15th - Tri2Remember Crow's Lake - Jefferson, Georgia (1:40 drive)
  • August 19th - Tri To Beat Cancer * - Athens, Georgia (1:50 drive)
  • September 8th - Tugaloo * - Lavonia, Georgia (2:20 drive)
  • September 16th - Tri2 Remember - Gainesville, Georgia (1:30 drive)
  • September 30th - Lake Lanier Island Tri - (1:30 drive)
My "these too" list from the Tri the Parks 2012 Series schedule.
  • April 28th - John Tanner Park - Carrollton, Georgia (1:35 drive)
  • June 2nd - Blalock Lakes - Newnan, Georgia (1:00 drive)
  • June 23rd - Indian Springs State Park - Flovilla, Georgia (55 min. drive)
  • September 8th - John Tanner Park * - Carrollton, Georgia (1:35 drive)
Florida has some really good destination triathlons to choose from.  I'll have to negotiate with Susan to see which races I will actually do.  I included my drive time to most of the Georgia races because races that are closer to our home will have a good chance of making the cut. 

Hopefully, I'll get to race at least one half iron distance race in 2012.  Maybe it will be ESI Ironman Augusta 70.3 again in September, or the Rev3 half in Knoxville, TN on May 6th, in Anderson, SC on October 9th, or Florida on October 27th-28th.  I'm interested in triathlon suggestions near Jacksonville and Miami as well.

In addition to races, I also plan to ride several centuries.  The Hospitality Highway Century in July is a likely candidate, as is the Tony Seranno ride in April in Covington, and the Wilson 100 in August in Senoia, of course.

Thanks for reading.