Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Old Bike

I was looking through some old images on my computer the other day.  The pictures included some stuff I donated to a local charity in 2006.  In the folder I found a picture of my 1989 red Trek 1500 road bike.  Several month ago I searched for a picture while reminiscing about my epic two day ride from Griffin, Georgia to St. George Island.  I recalled the ride in a post entitled St. George Island or Bust.  My search for a picture for that post ended unsuccessfully.  I suppose it's when you're not looking for something that you're most likely to find it.  I was installing some new software on my computer the other day and that's when I found my old pictures.  I also found a picture of my barely used Blackburn fan type bike trainer and a Trek bike we bought from a friend for Susan.  She never rode the bike and both items were also donated.

We hadn't ridden those bikes in years so I guess it was time to get rid of them.  Who would have thought that just a few year later we'd catch the cycling bug again and have two new bikes.  I suppose our rekindled enthusiasm for cycling has partly to do with our moving from Decatur to Jonesboro in 2004.  Now that we are Outside-the-Perimeter (OTP) we both feel safer riding on the road.

My old 1989 Trek 1500 with Aerobars
Susan's old Trek
Our old trainer
Now that we're riding again I sure wish we'd kept some of our old cycling stuff.  The next time we decide to get rid of stuff I'll think twice about it.

Thanks for reading.