Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Tree Hunt

Susan and I found some time on Friday afternoon to get our Christmas tree.  In the past we've bought trees at Home Depot or, when we lived in Decatur, at a tree lot on N Druid Hills Road at the Methodist Church.  The trees from Home Depot were cheap but always a disappointment.  The church trees were better, but expensive.  When we moved from OTP (Outside The Perimeter) and to Atlanta's southside we decided to try someplace different.  We'd heard that the State Farmers Market in Forest Park had Christmas trees so we drove the short distance up I-75 to check them out.

This year Susan, Max and I hopped into the old jalopy and headed to the State Farmers Market.
Oddly, the interstate was not slammed with traffic at 5:00PM, normally the evening rush hour.  We were headed into town, opposite almost everyone else.
The entrance and exit at the State Farmers Market are kind of funky.  Every time I leave I have to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get into my lane.  
The market is setup with stalls running east to west.  Many of them have fruits and vegetables, as well as Christmas trees.  
At the north of the market are 3 rows of tree vendors.  There are probably over 1000 trees to choose from. It's overwhelming.  I let Susan decide!
Susan and Max survey the offerings.
More Trees.
Max was a good boy, as always.  He did not "take care of business" on the trees.
Some of the trees have bowls without water.
Some have bowls with water.  These two trees were right beside each other.  I have know idea how they decide who lives and who dies.  I guess they all die.
The vendor wraps up the tree for transport.
Ready to go home.
Susan checks out some fruit before we head home.
That's our trip to the State Farmers Market.  We got a good 7' Frasier Fir tree for only $45.  We put it in the stand tonight and let the branches fall over night.  

Susan will decorate it tomorrow while I'm at work.

Thanks for reading.

Update:  It's Thursday, December 20th and the Christmas tree is still drinking up the water at a rate of about 1/2 gallon per day.  
Yes!  I've got treats in my hand so Max will at least look toward me for the picture
Very few needles on the floor.  Presents coming soon!