Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Wish List

As I start my second week of training for the Try Charleston 70.3 in April I find myself wondering what Santa might bring me to improve my results during the race.  My time on the trainer has improved.  I've ridden it three times in the past 6 days.  In those three sessions I've improved my speed by 1.4-mph.  If I keep this up for 19 more weeks I should be able to finish the 56 miles in Charleston in about an hour.  I'm no rocket scientist but I think that's probably not going to happen.  That said, I'm happy that I'm getting accustomed to using the trainer.

Back to the topic at hand, what items should be on my Christmas Wish List?  I don't need any underwear, tee shirts, or socks.  I know this because if I did then my wife would get me some.  I have the rare distinction among men of having underwear which is in excellent condition.  So much so that I often find myself looking through the trash only to find a perfectly good tee shirt which will never see the light of day again.  The thought of a covert rescue mission often goes through my head but what's the use. My closet and dresser drawers are already full of new and nearly new articles of apparel.

With those few items off the list, what about something triathlon related.  Now we're talkin'.  For reference, I already have a trainer, road bike and tri-bike.  What I need is something that will enhance one of these three items.  I suppose a training DVD might be cool but we just bought a 60" LCD TV for the bedroom where my trainer will reside through the holidays.  Something for my road bike would be nice.  Maybe a Garmin 500 or some some new lighter wheels.  How about a Cycleops Powertap G3 hub laced into my carbon race wheel.  I think that's what I might like.  I could use it on both bikes.  It would connect to my Garmin 910XT.  It's a win-win situation.  (Note to self:  Emphasis to Susan the fact that I'll actually be saving money.  Elaborate when pressed and make up something if necessary.)  The cost of a Powertap G3 at $1,300 MSRP is considerably less than the crank based Quarq or SRM alternatives.  All I have to do is convince Susan that a powermeter is what I need to get to Kona.  Let the negotiations begin!

I'm hopeful that I can find a holiday special where I can get the hub, or something else, at a discount from the MSRP.  I expect the labor cost and new Sapim spokes to get the hub installed won't be cheap.

In addition to the hub, I want Santa to bring me a Garmin Out-Front Bike Mount, and a neoprene swim cap.

Thanks for reading.