Monday, December 24, 2012

What's for Christmas

Susan and I opened our gifts early this year.  I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  As you can just barely see to the left of the Christmas tree and behind the chair there is a box.  Wrapped in red paper there's a box the exact size that might contain a set of wheels or disc.  In this case the box contained old newspapers. Surprise!
The night before...
 After I helped pass out the presents to Susan, our daughter Lana, and our grandsons, Cody and Josh, Susan made a quick trip to the basement.  Apparently, in addition to being the repository of all things dusty (my weight set), broken (my treadmill), and in a general state of dis-repair (the basement itself), it is also the primary storage facility for new bikes for the Farmers.  Susan hauled the bike up the stairs and into the family room, my new Trek Fuel EX8 mountain bike.
My new MTB
I had not expected such a great present.  That's two bikes in less than a year.  I have the best wife in the world.  Thank you Honey!  I got Susan an ASUS TF700T tablet and a few other things.  No socks or underwear for either of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for Reading.