Saturday, January 5, 2013

Before my first MTB Ride

I thought I'd post a few pictures of my mountain bike before I take it on its maiden voyage on Sunday.  In the 10 days or so since I got the bike I've only ridden it to the end of my driveway once and a second time took me a distant three houses passed my driveway.  Its been cold, with the daily high temperatures of around 50-degrees Fahrenheit since Christmas.  The low temperatures have been in the 30's.

It's also htken me several days to outfit my bike for the journey ahead.  I finally got my MTB shoes last week.  They're black Bontrager RXL shoes - wide.  I had to special order them, of course.

Sunday will be my first official MTB ride.  A trip to Dauset Trail for a noon ride is scheduled.  Some of Southern Crescent Cycling's best MTB'ers should be there too.  I'm sure that I'll be the guy in the back making all the noise as I change gears trying to decide which out of 30 gears available is the best.

I plan to bring the GoPro Hero3 camera the club purchased as a Christmas present to its members.  So, you can look forward to some cool mountain biking videos in the coming months.

Thanks for reading.