Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bike Storage and Stuff

I've got a Racor ceiling mounted rack for bikes in the garage - four (4) hoists in total.  One hoist has my grandson's bike on it for his visits and another has an extra set of wheels.  See my previous post on My Bike Rack.  Susan's bike (not shown) is currently leaning against a set of shelves in the garage just below the wakeboard at the bottom of the picture below.
A bike hoist in the garage
My road bike on the trainer in the bedroom
My bike gloves and Garmin 910XT on the end table in the bedroom
A bowl near the garage door full of sunglasses, Ironman ankle straps, charging cables, truck keys, and a headlight
A plastic box in my garage full of water bottle cages, tubes, tools, instruction booklets, and much more
My mountain bike in the garage leaning against a table full of bike stuff
With two (2) road bikes, a tri-bike, a mountain bike, a 20" kid's bike, extra wheels, and cold weather clothes, my house is full of bike stuff.  It's on the table as I walk in the door.  It's on the floor in my garage.  It's on the floor in my bedroom.  How can I organize all this stuff?  I haven't been able to park my truck inside the garage in months.  I'd love to organize all my stuff in a single unit with drawers for most small items - that is easy to transport.  Does such an item exist?  Maybe separate bins for each bike is the solution.

Where or how do you store your bikes and stuff?

Thanks for reading.