Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Camouflaged Chevy

I saw and interesting thing while driving to Decatur from my home in Jonesboro this morning.  I noticed a camouflaged sedan with a funky paint job and fender, trunk and hood covers.  I'd seen this type of thing before on the Internet.  It's typically what vehicle manufactures do to disguise the design features and lines of new models.  In this case the make was unknown were it not for the five other General Motors vehicles in the convoy.  Each vehicle had two antennas and were noticeably driving together.  What got my attention in the first place were what looked to be two un-badged Chevy Impalas.

A new Chevy Model?
The black and white cars in front of the truck
The orange Chevy Camero
The Cadillac
I thought this might be interesting to those car buffs out there.  Another car in the convoy was a Chevy SS.  All six cars had Michigan tags.

Thanks for reading.